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360 Degrees Rotating Folding Hook

৳ 169
How to use: Clean the surface, make it dry and flat. Tear off the adhesive and stick it on the surface. Press gently to stick the adhesive on the surface tightly. Put on the rotating hook. Applications: Each piece of rotating hook has 6 claws, and you can hang different objects on the claw, such as kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies, office supplies, living room accessories. Specifications Main material: ABS Single weight: approx. 34 g/ 1.2 ounces Color: black, white

Foldable Clothe Drying Racks Iron

৳ 2,610
"Stainless Steel Foldable Cloth Dryer Stand Double Rack Cloth Stands for Drying Clothes. DESIGN AND UNIQUE FEATURES : 100 % Stainless Steel including Screws and Fasteners making it rust and corrosion free !!: Strong construction with large drying space with high quality metal construction, more sturdy and durable you can position your clothes with a nice amount of space between them so they can dry thoroughly. "