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Bashundhara Facial Tissue, 120×2 Ply Box

৳ 54
GSM: 13.5 Quantity: 120 x 2 Ply (240 sheets) Basic Raw Material: 100% Virgin pulp Per Sheet Size: 200mm x 215mm

Bashundhara Facial Tissue, 150×2 Ply Box

৳ 78
Product Type: Facial Tissue Brand: Bashundhara Quantity of Sheets: 150 x 2 ply Basic Raw Material: 100% Virgin pulp Tissue

Bashundhara Hand Towel, (250×1 Ply) Box

৳ 79
Product Type: Hand Towel Brand: Bashundhara Quantity: 250 x 1 ply Color: White GSM: 36

Bashundhara Kitchen Towel, Single Roll

৳ 52
Product Type: Kitchen Towel Brand: Bashundhara Single Roll Color: White

Bashundhara Paper Napkin, 100 x 1 Ply

৳ 55
Product Type: Ppaer Napkin Brand : Bashundhara Size: 13X13 Inch Quantity: 100 x 1 ply Emboss: General Embossed

Bashundhara Paper Napkin, 80×1 Ply

৳ 47
Product Type: Paper Napkin Brand: Bashundhara Quantity of Sheets: 80 x 1ply Emboss: General Embossed

Bashundhara Toilet Tissue, Gold

৳ 25
Product Type: Toilet Tissue Brand: Bashundhara Color: Pink GSM: 25 Quantity: 212 sheets x 2 ply

Bashundhara Toilet Tissue, Regular White

৳ 15
Product Type: Toilet Tissue Brand: Bashundhara Quantity: 172 sheets x 2 ply Raw Material: 100% Virgin Pulp Color: Regular White

Ceebo 12 Pcs Travel Dry Compressed Disposable Face Towel

৳ 190
100% brand new high quality. White disposable non-woven compressed towel. Material: non-woven Color: White Expanded size: 20 * 22 cm

Dettol Anti Bacterial Wet Wipes 10 pcs

৳ 70
Brand : Dettol Product Type: Wet Wipes Capacity: 10 pcs Dettol Soap with protection from 100 illness-causing germs Site : Buying Manufacturer : Reckitt Benckiser Bangladesh (Buying Best Quality Usage; Wiping your hands on-the-go, Before / after eating, For outdoor activities, Before / after using the toilet, At offices and schools, In the car of while travelling. Product Information: Dettol's trusted anti-bacterial ingredients kill 99.9% of harmful germs, Protects from a wide range of unseen germs, Soft, textured fabric gently cleanses your skin withut irritation, Pre-moisturised with purified water, Leaves your skin feeling fresh with a light fragrance after use, Alcohol free, optical brightener free, formaldehyde free. 10 wipes in the pack. About Reckitt Benckiser Reckitt Benckiser began life in 1999 with a regional management structure in which country managers reported into regions or sub-regions  In 2003, the company got a handle on the different issues in the different markets, it moved to a hybrid regional/market development structure 13. The company was formed by a merger between Britain's Reckitt & Colman plc and the Dutch company Benckiser NV in December 1999. Bart Becht became CEO of the new company and has been credited for its transformation, focusing on core brands and improving efficiency in the supply chain. The new management team's strategy of "innovation marketing".[20] – a combination of increased marketing spend and product innovation, focusing on consumer needs – has been linked to the company's ongoing success. For example, in 2008, the company's "rapid succession of well publicised new product variants" were credited for helping them "to capture shoppers' imagination".[21] Business Week has also noted that "40% of Reckitt Benckiser's $10.5 billion in 2007 revenues came from products launched within the previous three years

Fresh Facial Tissue, Perfumed, 120×2 Ply Box

৳ 59
Product Type: Facial Tissue Brand: Fresh Quantity of Sheets: 120 x 2 Ply Tissue Color: White

Fresh Paper Napkin, Perfumed Tissue, 100 x 1 Ply

৳ 45
Product Type: Paper Napkin Brand: Fresh Package Contain: 100 x 1 Ply Raw Material: 100% Virgin pulp Fragrance Status: Perfumed Color: White

Fresh Toilet Tissue, White

৳ 16
Product Type: Toilet Tissue Brand: Fresh Color: White Strong , Adsorbent & Versatile