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Fantech AC3001 Headset Stand

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'-Durable Cool Design -Color Black and Red -Sizer 26.5cmx15cmx14cm -Anti Slip Design Rubberized Base -Added Weights Inside for Balance Stabilization -Triangular Base – Detachable Body


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MODEL: FANTECH AC3001s TOWER RGB HEADSET STAND (Black/White/Red/) RGB HEADSET STAND. DURABLE DURABLE TRIANGULAR BASE: Durable construction and iconic design combine to create the ultimate display for your headset. Color selection: Available in three colors. More Stabilization: Added 88g weight. Fantech Gaming AC3001 TOWER HEADSET STAND durable cool design Durable Cool Design Color Black and Red Sizer 26.5cmx15cmx14cm Anti Slip Design Rubberized Base Added Weights Inside for Balance Stabilization Triangular Base Detachable Body Design By Fantech.