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10 Miles 532nm Adjustable Focus Green Laser Pointer Beam Light Pen +Star Cap 5mw

৳ 459
  • Laser Color: Green
  • Output mode: Constant Wave
  • Dimension:14×160mm
  • Best Quality Product 
  • Technical Parameter :Fixed focus, dot facula, continuous output
  • Green laser Output Wavelength:   532 nm
  • Output Power:5mw
  • Working Voltage: DC=3.0V (Approx)
  • Trigger Voltage: DC=2.8V (Appeox)

Children High Speed Cube Professional 3×3 – Mini

৳ 59
Brand: Gift Items Best for baby and others Packing list: 1 pcs in box Color: Random Material: ABS Size: 3*3*3cm

High Quality Car Model Toy Car

৳ 1,209
1:32 Lamborghini luminious Die cast metal car Size: 15.5x7x4 CM Sound and light available Doors and hoods can be opened Pull back spring system Metal car Good quality and real finishing